Providing quality products and services and development of long term partnership with clients

Considering the wide range of activities we do, our mission is to provide the highest level of services and to offer the best quality products, to meet all customer`s requiremets. Our goal is not to sell goods,but to create a partnership with customers, which we build step by step. Support and KNOW HOW that we offer is exactly what sets us apart from all other competitors on the  market.

Providing additional value for our clients through the continuous organization of trainings

Customers are aware of the market situation today and know that sellers have to offer “something more”. That additional value for the purpose of sales promotion in our company consists of the possibility to train our clients and their employees.We also have our own training center where we make presentation of the products that we offer, organize various types of events and at the same time we send our existing and potential customers to our suppliers if it is neccesery that training should be done directly by the manufacturer.

Careful monitoring of our clients needs and trends in the world

We develop our vision through regular visits of world-renowned traid fairs within the trade, hospitality and confectionery departments and besides that we also organize one type of trade fairs in our own show room through the organization of “OPEN DAYS” event. “RIBNICA COMMERCE” LTD is your advisor, mentor, support, in short it a reliable partner who does not leave you even in the post sales period. Our satisfied  customers who always come back, tell the best about us.