Ribnica Commerce d.o.o.  as a company with years of experience,tradition and acquired knowledge aims to realize your ideas regarding any type of facility in the field of trade and catering.

In the process of equipping your facility, Ribnica Commerce provides support in every single stage of the process, from project designing and quality technological solution, through specifying the equipment of well-known global brands, taking care  about the rational use of existing capacities within your facility, until the final realization through delivery, installation and montage and commissioning of equipment. Guaranteeing the quality of equipment from renowned manufacturers as well as post-sales technical support and end-user training, this company offers safeness to customers who start a business, expand or reconstruct a hospitality or commercial facility.

Continuous expansion of knowledge and following of global trends and innovations in the field of confectionery, bakery, gastronomy and trade resulted in successful equipping of a large number of large and small hotels, restaurants, pizzerias, bars, markets and large supermarket chains.