Ribnica Commerce`s distributive network is made of  2000 customers. During summer tourist season that number increases to around 3000 customers, and for all of them the delivery of ordered goods is done outpatient- within 24 hours.
The entire supply of goods is done from the central warehouse, which is stationed in Podgorica on 5000m2  and it also has space for storage of chamber goods.

Vehicles of Ribnica Commerce company:

- Vans

- Pick-up vehicles
- Passenger cars
- Special mode vehicles for chamber goods

Since one of the company`s segments is serving HORECA (hotels, restaurants and bars) customer networks, we are always at your service to meet the needs of the most demanding customers, while maintaining all the standards of quality of goods on the one hand and transportation and handling the goods on the other.
As always we put our client in focus of our business, so daily service is one of the basic services by which Ribnica Commerce stands out from other companies in the industry. Our ultimate goal in every business endeavor is a satisfied customer because only with such customer service we build a healthy business environment.
In the area of customer service, we can freely say that we occupy a leading position. Within the logistic department, there is a service department, which comes at the request of clients as soon as possible in order to provide the requested service and maintain the standard and quality of business.